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Mac britt

Ex-Google Executive who followed his dreams to become a Tech Entrepreneur. He has built and sold multiple companies valuing over $30 million

Thanks to Keith’s coaching and getting my head straight, and having me tell a good story and hang in there with the courage of my convictions, we held out and received a $10 million offer to acquire the company which after 12 months of work is pretty good damn deal. I just want say thank you, I really couldn’t have done this without you.

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Ilia Wedding Keith Mic


Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Results Coach, Undisputed Mastery Fire Team Leader

I have a coach, his name is Keith Waggoner. He has been my coach for the last 6 years. Keith changed my life in so many ways.
For example, he brought me to Jesus in a real way and helped me see myself from a perspective that is now constructive, rather than destructive. He also taught me about gratitude, celebration, and living life as a feeder, rather than a receiver.
Often he says very insightful things that make me reconsider almost everything, so here is the latest one from this morning:
“When the story you are telling yourself on repeat is that you are a victim, then everyone in your vicinity becomes a suspect.”
Think about that! I did. So many times I suspect innocent people of ill intentions or malice just because I decided that I’ve been wronged and “none” of the situation is my fault. Of course this doesn’t apply as a panacea to every single thing, but in our daily social interactions it could be a common rake we step on. Explore it! By the way, this is a picture of Dr. Keith performing my wedding. I’m married to the love of my life. 


luis castillo

All Star MLB Outfielder, Philanthropist, and Advocate for Children’s Rights

Keith taught me how to play full out… To be a WILD LION on the field. The difference in my game is night and day. Call him if you want to be a champion.

Casey howe

Entrepreneur, CEO Howzer Properties, INC

Dr. Keith, I am writing this just to thank you for the time we worked together. I pulled some really great tools away from our weekend when you were out here at Harvard. I feel my performance and enjoyment of life has improved as a result of our time working together. There are many examples I could share about how you have taken my already great success to the next level. But here are a couple… 1. Focusing on the 8 areas… I’ve really developed a more well-rounded view of life and have realized that by making a conscious effort to focus on areas other than work – i.e. Legacy… I am making a bigger impact and reaping even greater rewards than before. I know it’s not all about me. 2. Regular reviews of my categories of life and developing rituals. I still perform my AM and PM rituals daily and review progress on a weekly basis. It’s created momentum that I didn’t have before. Thank you again for making my life better! 


Christian Baker

Entrepreneur, Author, Business & Real-Estate Coach

My name is Christian Baker, and Keith Waggoner transformed my life. We joked in a session that he is “The Life Liberator” and even though we were laughing at the time, I’m writing this to show you it’s really true…

Dr. Keith spent a year pouring his knowledge, experience, wisdom, and coaching skills into an eager-to-learn yet extremely hardheaded version of me. I wanted to grow personally, financially, in my relationships, and as a coach myself. Basically I wanted it all… and asked Dr. Keith to help me get it. That’s exactly what he did. He helped me explore WHY I wanted “it all”, why I did not feel complete with what I had, what kind of happiness these new results might bring to my life and business, and understand myself & my motivation on an entirely deeper level. That deeper understanding helps me build incredibly valuable habits today, which create much of my success. The man knows what he’s doing!! I continue to learn from his coaching because his words ring in my ears when I need them… even when I want to ignore them, there are times where I catch myself subtly taking an easy way out instead of stepping up into the type of action I learned to take with Keith. Real results, happiness, better business strategy, deeper wisdom, and a lifelong supply of lessons you’ll never forget: that’s what I tell people Dr. Keith gave me… and I suggest you have a conversation with him to see how he can do the same for you now.


Ben Jessure

Retired Army Colonel & Corporate Executive

The amount of transformation I experienced working with Keith is almost unbelievable. I’m a different, better, stronger, more confident person than I was when we started working together two years ago.

When Keith and I started working together, I knew I had great potential (I always knew and felt that), but I felt locked in a cage. I was unable to communicate effectively, I was scared, timid, and really — just felt like a wimp. How I felt inside didn’t map to my accomplishments on the outside, though (I was fairly accomplished when we met). And I share this fact because it’s important to know that Keith is making good people great – I wasn’t just a sorry case to start. I have an entire universe to go still until I reach my potential, but I know how to get there now.

In the time I started working with Keith, I moved into my dream career, I got a divorce (something I was scared to do for years), I increased my earning potential, I moved past military PTSD, learned to stand up for myself, regained my identity, and I got fit and strong. I found life-changing books and podcasts, and met other people who became mentors. I have new friends. I am on a path, and I’m leading the way.

If I could say anything about my time working with Keith, it’s that I found my manhood and my masculinity. As a man, these two things are fundamental to a successful and fulfilling life. They seem to drive everything else, and I am confident and happy. I am in control of my career, of myself, of my body, of how I lead my family, of how I interact with people, and of where my life is heading.

I owe Keith a debt of gratitude.


Matthew Bowes

President of MB Painting

I’ve attached a document showing my company Revenue Growth over the past 10 years. It is a wonderful testament to continued business growth. A couple significant events occurred during the years we’ve been coaching together.

  • 2013 is when you and I started working together.
  • 2017 Married Shannan – They woman of my Dreams.
  • 2018 We started BRC with you as a Team.

I’ve experienced nearly 6,000% growth over ten years (the 2018 revenue is as of December 10, 2018). I do believe all of the above mentioned significant events were an important part of my ability to be of service to others by building and growing an excellent company!

2018 was a year of significant obstacles and we still experienced revenue growth of over 73% and this will go up as we have a few weeks left to collect accounts receivable.

Take a look at the graph I included… the numbers do not lie! Thank you for your guidance, expert coaching, and friendship!


Cole baikle

Professional MMA Champion, Entrepreneur, and Star of the History Channel’s “Last Stop Garage”

Dr. Keith has given me great psychological tools to assist me in all areas of life. He has guided me to integrate all areas of my personal life while maximizing opportunities and reaching my goals as a professional mixed martial artist, business owner, and actor.


bart bonner

Owner & Founder of Bonkers Toy Co.

I met Keith two years ago when I was starting my company. I was full of fear and doubt. I had a lot of experience in my industry and knew I could build a product line and sell it, but the fear of the risk ate at me and made me unable to do much. I spoke with Keith weekly and he was able to coach me through the fear. I listened to him and did what he instructed me to do. And all of a sudden, the fear went away and I was able to focus on my business and build it. I started with nothing 2 years ago, today, I have a large toy line that is being sold in all the major retailers in the US and many around the world. Keith got me through not only my fear, but also all the ups and downs I went through along the way. We still speak weekly and Keith deserves a lot of the credit for the success of my business. I couldn’t have done it without him!


philip hall

Owner & CEO, Hall Construction, LTD.

My business was at $10 million in revenue and the alarms were going off, but with coaching from Keith we’re now at $110 million in just a year. Keith has made an incredible difference in both my personal and professional life. Keith really delivered on everything he promised.


declain kennedy

Former Executive Officer for Target who retired from the corporate world before the age of 40 and now lives his dreams as owner of The Sports Garden in Dallas, TX

I’ve been working with Keith for almost a year now, and I whole-heartedly recommend him as an executive coach. As a new entrepreneur and success-driven junkie, I wanted to maximize my effectiveness in pretty much every aspect of my life. Motivation was not the issue, clarity and focus was.

What I found in Keith was a servant leader who helped guide me through discovering many of the things that were already in me. While I considered myself good at leading and helping others, sometimes it takes someone outside of ourselves to help see us as we truly are, and recognize our full potential. Through our time together, he helped me realize what my true skill set is, what my motivators are, and he helped me stay accountable to my path towards achieving my goals. It wasn’t just him sharing insights & models he’s accumulated over the years, nor his great ability to listen to what I’m saying (& not saying), but he truly cares and is passionate about helping me & others grow & achieve our dreams.


sasha williams, M.D.

Renowned Oncologist, TED Talks Lecturer, Author, Artist, Philanthropist, and Saver of Thousands of Lives

As we go along in our busy life, it is so easy to forget the importance of things. I thought I was invincible until one day, as it happened to me, my life became helpless. I fell off of my life as depression took over my every waking hour. My family suffered because I was suffering. My focus was off of gratitude… it was gone and I lost my joy.

Being a physician for many decades, I naturally tried the traditional medication and medical approaches to cure this crisis that was ruining my life. Despite all of my efforts nothing worked… there were no meaningful results. I got even worse… I didn’t think that was possible… but I was declining every day. I desperately tried to live in a beautiful state but it seemed the reach of it was so far away. I was morning my life and just waiting for my life to pass. I was afraid of the future. There was no room to live in the moment. The symptoms had taken over my life and there was no room for anything or anyone else except SUFFERING… SO MUCH SUFFERING.

Then God sent my dear Coach Dr. Keith Waggoner. Believe me, it was no accident or happenstance. Keith is not only a Results Coach but also a psychologist with another doctorate in Ministry. This had a magic blend for my ultimate rescue. No other coach on the Entire Robbins team, or anywhere else I looked had what it took. God placed Keith as God’s blessing in my life.

We went on an intense journey together. We meet at 5:00am daily first thing meeting in the morning to get me out of bed and from my hiding from life. He helped me see that my dark world, all of my trying, and all of the stress and the problems that had overtaken my beautiful life and career were an option and the choice. It was hard to believe at the time. I resisted… but he never gave up on me even when I had all but given up on myself. I just felt, “how come I do not have any other option but to suffer?’ “Why am I choosing to focus on the destruction of my life (as Tony Robbins would say) when everything was so very blessed? And when everyone else could easily see how blessed I was as one of the most successful medical oncologist in the world? I had everything… a great practice, my patients loved me, have financial freedom and wealth, a great family and beautiful dogs… Yet I was miserable.

The answer lied in the discovery that depression, as Coach Keith said, is not sadness but it was an empty emotional bucket and I simply needed to fill my bucket with good things. This worked. I also realized I longing for God’s love and connection. No relationship in the past was close enough. But with Keith’s help, I knew God was with me. Bless Keith… I really mean that… No amount of money can make you listen to someone three times per day complaining listening to every physical symptom. Keith never tired of me like others in my life… He stuck with me and gave me a HOPE and STRENGTH that he knew I would get better.

I have my life back!!! No, my life is BETTER than ever before. As I now see, my life is the way God intended… I celebrate… I live…. I laugh… I have joy back! The kind of Joy that only comes from Him. I’m thankful to Keith… who was there every step of the way. He took his time and he’s so caring. Keith is devoted… and his directions were instrumental in my healing. We all know God is the ultimate healer. God and Keith are an amazing team. I now enjoy life and live in a beautiful state… one I thought was gone forever. I appreciate every moment of my life. No longer am I just allowing my life to pass away nor am I afraid of the future. I’m living it to the fullest. Live life! Praise the Lord! I thank you Keith… you practically saved my life!


larence abrams, MD

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Philanthropist, Colonel US Army (Retired)

My entire family has worked with Keith for 3 years. He is thoughtful, innovative and skilled in bringing the best out of people. His wide range of education and experience: psychologist, Doctrate in Divinity along with years of coaching make him uniquely qualified to assist anyone with getting more juice out of life.


robert & sandra vernon

Vice-President of Digital Arts, Educator, Board Member, Mother of Three | President of Digital Arts, Marketing Strategist, Bass Player, Fearless Leader

Marriage is two people who have chosen to walk together in life, hand in hand. At least that describes our marriage. Trouble comes when we let go of each others hands and become distracted. It is compounded when each partner begins to travel down another path and the holding of hands breaks. This was the state of our marriage when we began coaching with Dr. Keith Waggoner.

Lacking hope, there didn’t seem that there was much left to save in our union. Yet Dr. Waggoner’s compassionate and wise counseling we have been brought back to the mutual path and are overjoyed at the restoration of our marriage! Dr. Keith listens well and speaks not only from a depth of wisdom but also profound caring. His help in our marriage is nothing short of miraculous.

For relationships, marriage and personal counseling, we can highly recommend Dr. Keith Waggoner from person experience. He is highly recommended because his counseling his incredible effective.


Erica and Ben Alexander

Educators, Business owners, Ministers, and loving parents to 4 daughters

I have been wanting to write and say thank you to you, but just hadn’t ….so as I was singing your praises to my friend, I felt like the time was right… The words are shallow in comparison to what was accomplished, but I will give you what I can.

The investment that you made into Dale’s and my life is nothing short of miraculous. You asked me on our last call what I really wanted….I said, Dale. The miracle is that marriage has healed, and I have Dale……more than I ever dreamed of. We are working together and enjoying each day. I didn’t think we were ever capable of loving again. But we are! I love our life together! It was worth the wait.

I want to say thank you for teaching me about forgiveness, personal power and truth, and how to find the courage to work hard for what I want. You are a very gifted coach, and I count the months that I had with you as a turning point for me. If God had not opened that door, I’m not sure where we would be today.

So I want to say a VERY heart-felt thank you, and may God bless you to receive back 100-fold what you have given to me and so many others.

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