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Come experience a Dr. Keith Waggoner live Event or Workshop and discover your mission in life, unlock strategies for your business, reignite love in your relationship, and create a vision for the road ahead. In person or virtual, personal or business, your first event or your 10th. Reaching out and learning how our events can transform your life is where massive, lasting results happen.

All successful people share one powerful characteristic: Hunger for Purpose — a desire for personal fulfillment, growth and results. Seeking out the most effective resources help them attain, and maintain, your goals and dreams. Be among those who do. Be among those who achieve their wildest potential. With the help of a Dr. Keith Waggoner and an Undisputed Mastery event, you will create your own success story and learn to Live Life ALIVE!!!


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The Cornerman Certification Course (C-3)

If you qualify to be in on one of the best ways to give back in the world… Then The C-3 is the training course designed to help you do just that… Life is FULL of Blessings.

The greatest Blessing we have is to find significant and meaningful ways of contributing. You will learn the intervention nuts and bolts of how Dr. Keith Waggoner, Tuhon Harley Elmore & their Tribe of Life Changers facilitate change in their Event Experiences. This event will take your Coaching, Leadership, and Competencies to the Next Level! In order to qualify you must:

  1. Successfully attend the Undisputed Mastery Becoming Champions Event as a Participant.
  2. Pass the U.M. Fireteam Vetting Process.
  3. Be of the mindset that the Greatest Gift we can give you is the opportunity to use your God Given Talents to make other people’s lives better.

Fill out the Contact form to step up to the Mission.

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Undisputed Mastery BECOMING CHAMPIONS Event

Contact us for info about our next event.

OCTOBER 04 – 06, 2024 in Wichita Falls, Texas

This is Dr. Keith’s Premier Life Changing Event.

If you are a man between the ages of 18 & 80 who wants to Carve Out a New and Better Vision of your Life… then this event is for you!

Imagine being surrounded by super successful men who know Millions of Dollars isn’t enough… they want MORE!!! They want Purpose & Responsibility… They MUST have a Masculine Pathway to Strength, Competency, and Vision!

Come and let us be in your Corner… You will learn how to Box from some of the best Martial Arts & Navy SEAL instructors in the World…

Experience what it’s like to Call out the internal saboteurs that have “kicked your ass” all of your life… You will call them out and WIN!!! You will create a new Champion Contract that will Neurologically change the way the programs of your Brain Work. You will leave an UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!!!

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Undisputed Mastery REIGNING CHAMPIONS Event

APRIL 05 – 07, 2024 in Wichita Falls, Texas

Dr. Keith and Tuhon Harley have created one of the most successful Men’s Events in the WORLD!


To live like a Champion is to THINK, SPEAK, and ACT like a Champion. In order to be the Reigning Champion of your Life… We will Forge Your neuropathways to:

  • Create a New Story of Meaning for Every Failure and Victory
  • Teach you about the Hero’s Journey and Archetypical Manhood Stages to Identify and Create your Greatest Breakthroughs.
  • You will Craft Fire, Build Relationships that will last a Lifetime, and Experience what it’s like to be Capable, Dangerous, and Competent all with a Humble Attitude of Gratitude for your Newfound Abilities.

Your Life will never be the Same!!! WE MEAN IT!!!

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Principled Savage Intensive AQ Event (Make decisions like a SEAL)

Train like the most advanced & Elite Teams in the world. Breakthrough what ever holds you back to develop A.Q. (Adaptability Quotient) so that you can be successful under the most stressful of life environments.

Contact us for more information and individual scheduling and to be added to the vetting process list. Time Slots are Limited. 

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Business Results Coaching - In Person Intensives

Do you own your business or does your business own You? Identify the Strategic Operating Systems, Constant and Improving Culture, and Money Making Pathways that will take your business to the next level of Profitability and Purpose.

Dr. Keith and his team of Master Level Coaches will evaluate your REAL business needs and help you build the company culture to grow Real Results!


Relationship Intensive Weekend

Reignite the Passion & Excitement in your Relationship! Heal the wounds of the past and create Visions for your Future!!!

Your romantic relationship is the most important magnifier of your life. It will define your future and multiply your emotions. Take your relationship to a level no normal course can. Dr. Keith Waggoner will coach you and your spouse through a 30-hour INTENSIVE.


Know you want MORE in life, but don’t know where to start? Click the button to schedule a call with one of Keith’s Personal Results Specialists who can guide you to your ideal Keith Waggoner event.

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