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Dr. Keith - his MISSIONS & Life's Work



By helping every person we encounter FREE themselves from the Shackles of Limiting Beliefs, False Accusation, & Incorrect Response Patterns of Life Which Prevent them from

Living Life ALIVE!!!

Dr. Keith Waggoner's Life's Work is to create Cutting Edge Strategies with Each of his Clients so they Can Live Beyond Their Greatest Dreams.


Dr. Keith says:  “I liberate people so they can believe, hope and love life again. I am a Life Smith, Results Ninja, and Business Strategist. I care for your heart and will kick your ASSpirations to the next level.

I am a psychologist, author, blogger, speaker, entrepreneur and relationship coach. I help you to forge your story in the epic novels of life. Some people say I’m crazy. Other people say I saved their life. And others that I’ve made them millions. I serve and lead billionaires and homeless, supermodels and the underprivileged, professional athletes and the emotionally disturbed. Read on and decide for yourself if I’m the coach for you.

More about Dr. Keith

Dr. Keith Waggoner has studied and developed patterns of success for more than 30 years. His custom Coaching Programs and Live Events will allow you to discover and implement change using the same tools and techniques that have enabled world statesmen, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and famous athletes to radically transform their lives!

Dr. Waggoner believes in excellence, self-empowerment and fulfillment that comes from moving forward in Life… from Hard Work… Responsibility… Creating Competencies and Mastery… and from Dedicating the gift of Life to Giving Back to Others.  

Dr. Keith is an expert in behavior dynamics, he and his team of coaches & facilitators can facilitate change in any area of your life. 

Strategic Edge Life Coaching is the culmination of Keith’s education, skills, knowledge, and life experience. He truly desires to empower others to find joy and success in life!


  • Doctor of Psychology – Ph.D.
  • Doctor of Ministry in Counseling – D.Min.
  • Specialist Degree in Leadership
  • Master of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Biology
  • Master of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
  • Substance Abuse & Addictions Counselor
  • Robbins & Madanes Master Coach
Keith Doctorate Grad Pic
Website Keith Profile Speaking for Misison


  • Platinum & Lion Coach with Tony Robbins
  • Presenter to TEDx, Nerd Talks, & World Stages
  • Featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and Top Spotify Podcasts
  • Owner & Partner in 9 Businesses
  • Certified Investor & Real-Estate Investor
  • N.L.P. & N.A.C. Perspective Leadership Trainer
  • Top Executive, Sales, and Team Trainer Leader


Keith Coaches Professional & Olympic Athletes in

  • Major League Baseball (MLB);
  • the National Football League (NFL);
  • the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC);
  • Professional Boxing (WBO; WBA, IBF, WBC);
  • Olympic, Professional & Amateur Level Athletes


KMW image
KMW image


Keith is co-founder and partner in this 501c3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to Training the HEROS (G.O. & Non-G.O.) that Dedicate their Lives to Rescuing Women & Children from Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking. Dr. Keith is determined to make a difference in the horrible problem of Human Trafficking. He and his partners give their world class training for absolutely no charge to the men and women who have dedicated their lives to this great work. 

Please click on the below link to learn more about how you can take a stand and help us Save Children from Slavery. 

Click here to Learn more


Undisputed Mastery Events – Dr. Keith has created three U.M. Events. 1. Becoming Champions, 2. Reigning Champions, & 3. Defending Champions. These events are intensive weekend experiences designed to Transform Men’s Lives through Discovery of their True & Compelling Vision of Life. We utilize Boxing, The Developmental Stages of Manhood, Wilderness Survival Skills, Martial Arts, Faith & Masculine Responsibility to Forge New Life Contracts.

Principles Savage Events – Dr. Keith Partners with World Renown Martial Artist & Tier One Military Trainer, Tuhon Harley Elmore to lead clients through an Intensive Program of Adaptability Quotient  (AQ) which trains them to make decisions like a Navy SEAL so they may better lead their lives, families, and companies to the next levels of Success.

KMW image
Keith and Harley KT


  • Black Belt Ranked in 6 Different Martial Arts
  • Allied Tribal Federation Elder Native American Organization
  • Grand Master Instructor for ATF Martial Arts International
  • Adventure Quest Ropes Course Facilitator
  • NEA Wilderness Medicine Provider
  • Former IRB Researcher for the University of Arkansas of Medical Sciences
  • Former River City Ministry Board Member
  • Former Board member of the Arkansas Challenge Network
  • Former K-9 Special Forces Officer where he served as a SME for the Arkansas State Police and United States Military. 


We believe Family & Faith are the Foundational Principles of Life.

Dr. Keith is a devoted Husband to his wife Adrianne. Adrianne is the love of Keith’s life. She acts as the Executive Assistant to his Holding Company Strategic Edge Inc, and is a co-founder for their non-profit Operation Rescue Children. Adrianne is also an Educator and Missionary who has traveled the world sharing the Gospel and giving aid to those in need. Adrianne is the coordinator of Dr. Keith’s intensive weekends. She is a loving wife and tremendous support to Keith and his children. 

Keith is a devoted son to his widowed mother Linda, and a father to his Daughter Faylyn, and Son Seth.

Keith is an Ordained Christian Minister and has Preached the Gospel around the World. He volunteers as a mentor to students, the orphaned, and to United States Veterans.

Keith Family Smiles
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